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Gedoni And Khafi’s Love In Trouble As This Happens To Them – (Video)



Relationships can be really complicated and in a situation that seems to confuse people, two housemates, Gedoni and Khafi are currently having double wahala with their romance. All these stemmed from the fact that things changed after the Sunday Live show that saw Kimoprah evicted, Gedoni crying his heart out for God knows why and Khafi doing her best to console him.

On Day 16, two days after the eviction, during her conversation with Omashola, Khafi revealed her sadness about the distance between herself and Gedoni. In his response, Omashola said he noticed the distant communication between the pair and had told Gedoni to address the issue with Khafi. This conversation prompted her to address the matter with him.


In his defence, Gedoni said he has always had issues in his past relationships as a result of getting easily misunderstood. He also blamed the rain for his moody behaviour in the House and promised he didn’t keep his distance intentionally. Eventually, Gedoni, while trying to explaining the reason for the rift between them, told her, “I won’t make you feel that way again.”


Emotional Khafi burst out in tears as she kept on revealing her fears about getting emotionally attached to him – which birthed a cuddling moment between the pair.

Fans of the reality show, however, were perplexed at the chaos that seemed to have taken over the romance budding among these two and went on to give their own opinion of the drama. Here are some comments gathered:

“I knew this relationship won’t go anywhere. Gedoni is still in love with Kim but khafi mehn she is the desperate one here.”

“Khafi is trying sooo hard to hide her tears ! Girl am sorry. U gave d dude too much than u were suppose to . Cry my dear cry , u will be fine.”

“Gedoni, you wouldn’t have led her on. No be everybody wey dey play game for the house. She really did like you, or you used her to get Kim jealous. Now Kim left no attraction for Khafi again. She thought she had you sha.”

“But this khafi is a wife material o… so RESPECTFUL….I love the way she called her man privately to say what she’s observing since on Sunday with respect and manners. And always quite anytime her man is talking.”

“Khafi doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. It’s always about the game for Gedoni. I think Khafi felt it, she didn’t get the reaction she expected from Gedoni and that was why she burstes into tears. I feel for her.”

“I once said this last week that the Chemistry is not real… well Khafi thank God you don wake up from ur sleep now. Been disliking you since you don Dey lovey lovey with Gedoni but now u don wake up.”


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