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Big Brother Naija – Jeff, Sir Dee, Thelma And Diane In Big Trouble



On Sunday, June 30, 2019, the Big Brother Naija season four began and Nigerians were excited to see their new housemates. The show was tagged ‘Pepper Dem’ and the winner would be walking away with N60 million worth of prizes, however, winning won’t be easy as each housemate has to follow the house rules and if carefully followed, would guide each of them till one person emerges as the winner. Unfortunately, it seems that not all of them can adhere to the instructions.

One of the most important house rules had to with language and it stated that communication in the house in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and any other local language other than English or Pidgin wasn’t permitted. It so happened that on the night of the play presentation on Day 11, Biggie had a shocker waiting for some housemates who had gotten into trouble for breaking the rules.

Jeff, Sir Dee, Thelma and Diane broke the language rule as they were heard conversing in other dialects not permitted. Instead of being slammed with strikes for flouting the language rule, the four housemates were issued a stern warning by Biggie.

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Big Brother Naija@BBNaija

For flouting the language rule, Jeff, Sir Dee, Thelma and Diane have just received a stern warning from Biggie. 

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Social media users went agog after the warning from Biggie. Here are some comments culled from Twitter:

“Biggie is very disappointed. What sort of housemate is this? So boring in the history of big brother, both naija and Africa. I’ve not concluded though, more weeks ahead. But they are boring.”

“This is good plus I hardly hear them whenever they speak.”

“And that diane always speaking Hausa… Aboki oshi.”

“Nice, they should be punished. Worst big brother ever.”

“They should sit up Tasha talks about viewers Diane speaks Hausa everyday When Biggie says freeze, they keep laughing . Now the show begins Cos when there’s no food, fight will come up.”

“Weird.. See my baby Diane us serving punishment Pele o.”

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