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BBNAIJA 2019: Exposed! It Seems We Now Have A Yoruba Demon in Big Brother’s house.



After the diary session with Big Brother today, it has come to the knowledge of most viewers that one particular housemate has been trying to make more than one female in the house get into a relationship with him.


This was made known when Biggy asked the ladies during their diary session the opposite sex that has shown them more likeness than just being friends. Lo and behold, more than 5 of the ladies mentioned Frodd’s name.

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According to Jackye, Frodd has been giving her attention and he is not hiding the fact that he likes her.

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Diane also told Biggy that she feels Frodd really likes her but he has not walked up to her officially.

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Kim , Esther and Mercy also admitted during their diary session with Biggy that Frodd likes them and it looks like he wants something more then being friends.

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To the surprise of the viewers, the ladies have no idea that Frodd is showing almost all the females in the house love and he might be playing a fast one on them by trying his luck on who ever accepts him first.

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Do you think this is part of Frodd’s game plan?  Can this strategy work for him?

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