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English Words And Using Them In Context…



English Words And Using Them In Context...

This post is about the Common Mistakes People Make………..


It is Thought not Taught When you want to say ”I thought it was this?I thought it was you when i heard the door bell…


The word TAUGHT can only be used to when referring to learning or impacting some kind of Knowledge….


”Your silence Taught me a good lesson” and NOT your silence ”thought” me a good lesson..The teacher Taught me well…

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Opening this post does not mean I am perfect in my English,I just want us to use goosip time to learn as well…Lots of you on this Blog Need this Lesson..OMG!!!


Please post what you know with explanations and lets keep this going….


Oops,its GOSSIP and not goosip…See i made an error up there..LOL

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