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Nigerian Man Narrates How His Fiancee Dumped Him After An Accident



A Nigerian man who took a walk down the memory lane has narrated how his fiancee dumped him after an accident that nearly crippled him.

According to the Nigerian man, his fiance dumped him after the accident which occurred two weeks to their traditional wedding. At that time, he needed to be flown abroad for medical attention or lose walking with his legs again. However a twist in tale had the lady and her family losing out of everything.

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Read The Story Below;

I met this presumed holy and reserved sister, and after a year of courting her, I felt it’s time we settle down, then I have established a very good flourishing business for my supposed wife and the mum too.

So, after the introduction, 2 weeks to our traditional marriage I had a terrible accident while traveling on a business trip, my two legs went limb, I couldn’t move nor feel my legs, my supposed wife to be was at the hospital when the Doctors announced that I needed to be flown abroad for medical attention or I may not walk with my legs again, we inquired of the cost, and the said 7million south africa and 11million India,on hearing this, my fiancy disappeared with the excuse that she’s going to look for money.

I keep calling her, her parents and siblings but all to no avail, they sometimes busy my calls, not until after 4mths her mum called and gave me the shocker of my life, she told me to move on with my life cause her daughter has moved on and engaged to a man from “Obodo Oyibo”, she said in their family they don’t marry cripple, and her daughter is still young to suffer in marriage, that I should “go and take my towel from where I took my bath” I was dumbfounded and speechless, all I could say to her was, thank you mum, but because you called me cripple, God will prove all of you wrong, for the duration of 9mths and few weeks I stayed at the hospital, I didn’t hear from her nor from any member of her family, until God restored my legs back.

I was at home one Sunday night, after my Thanksgiving earlier in the day my phone rang, when I picked low and behold is was my disappeared would have been wife, sobbing profusely, when I ask what the issue was, she responded with a question, “Iyke, can you walk again,”

I said I can not only walk but I can jump and run as well, her crying became louder, she said she saw my Thanksgiving posted online but she couldn’t believed it, and that she called to seek my forgiveness cause her conscience is killing her, that it was her elder sister and mother who deceived her.

I told her I should be the one to thank her cause it took her abandonment/rejection, and her mum’s insults to compel heaven to respond to my healing, So I asked of her “Obodo Oyibo” guy, then she narrated what transpired between them, she said the guy claimed he based in Australia, but he’s back to Nigeria with goods which he took her to see in Lagos, but he needed to clear them, and also to find a home made wife, so the sister and mum convinced her into accepting his proposal cause I have been declared cripple by the Doctors, and she consented, so a week to their already fixed introduction and traditional marriage, which they agreed to combine because the “Obodo oyibo” guy claimed he was in a hurry and will like to travel back with his wife, the guy told her that he was trapped financially and needed some money for the introduction/traditional which he promise to pay immediately his goods are cleared, so out of fear and to avoid the ignominy ahead cause people are already alerted of the traditional marriage, she Cajoled her mum into borrowing 300k from her meeting people while she emptied her account by making up the sum of 670k out of the 700k the guy demanded.

So on the day of their traditional marriage rights, her cousin who resides in Benin republic came in because he lost his mum, and he knows this guy too well burst everything open,
The cousin told them that the guy base in Benin republic, and hawks polythene bags for his master, and the master send him away because he stole his money, So before the finish family discussion to confront the guy he is no where to be found, the guy disappeared to thin air leaving the people he came with, when the youths in her village threatened to Lynch the people he came with, they all confess that he paid them to stand in for him as relatives.

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By this time she was already 2mths pregnant for the guy,So she almost gave up while aborting the pregnancy, thank God she survived, She later tried to reignite the already death relationship by bombarding my phones with calls,text messages and even sending people but it was already late cause I was just few months to my marriage.

Though I visited them after my traditional marriage, just for them to see that I can walk again, and to know that there’s God in heaven who answers prayers, I also gave them the invitation card to my wedding.

She’s almost 40 today and I keep interceding for her, cause i pity her words the last time we spoke, she said her problem is not the settling down, but to see a man that will even toast her, or even tell her I love you, she said it’s been more than 2yrs now. That I should be praying for her.

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