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See Shocking Reason Why A Gate man Refused A House Gift From His Employer



Following 25 years of serving his Indian boss in Lagos, a gateman has rejected a house offer as a parting blessing and rather, mentioned that a borehole be dug in his village in Giljimmi, Jigawa State, which he said needed water.

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DailyTrust reports that Musa Usman lives with his family in a thatched huss. Usman, who served Mr. V. Verghese, the Managing Director of a pharmaceutical organization, left the service so as to rejoin with his family in the town.

Gateman rejects a house from his boss, begs for borehole in his community

When he was leaving, Verghese offered to build a house for him to show appreciation for his his diligence while he was his

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gateman. Individuals in Usman’s village were formerly trekking a long distance for water.

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Talking at the dispatching of the bore hole, Verghese said the reason for the parting gift was a result of a high level of genuineness displayed by Usman while he was working with him.

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He stated that Musa had served him determinedly for a long time. he said that he would travel to India and leave his house

under his care and yet, he would meet everything intact and that he is undoubtedly a legitimate Nigerian.”

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Usman, said thanks to Verghese for the signal, saying he had no lament substituting the house offer with a community bore hole.

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