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NAFDAC DG Prof Mojisola Adeyeye spits Fire!! (See Details)!



The members of the public were alarmed to hear that seventy per cent of the drugs in circulation is fake and adulterated this was contained in the information made public by an organisation called Crystabel. It claimed it had the staff of NDLEA, NAFDAC, and NOA in attendance. This information made the director general of NAFDAC Prof Mojisola Adeyeye spits fire in a national television broadcast

The question that seventy per cent of the drugs in circulation is fake or adulterated elicited this reaction from the DG NAFDAC.

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DG NAFDAC: that is not true at all. I don’t know the reason behind the statement made by one crystal bell. NAFDAC was not invited to the meeting so to state that NAFDAC, NDLEA, and NOA were at the meeting and unanimously agreed to the statement it is FAKE. It is malicious, it is irresponsible. The person that made the statement is not thinking of our own people in Nigeria.

As of 2011, there was a survey done that states that fake drugs were about 40% and NAFDAC got into regulatory actions to ensure that the figure drops precipitously. By 2005 the incidence of fake drugs has dropped to 17% and the same thing around 2012. To say that fake drugs in circulation is 70% I don’t know the intent of the person involved. We were not invited to this meeting, to say that NAFDAC was there was irresponsible and grossly unpatriotic.

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The question of how NAFDAC intends to address them and reduce the circulation of fake drugs received this reaction

DG NAFDAC: we do a lot of pharmacovigilance and post-marketing surveillance. We have a very strong directorate for that. We do a lot of investigation and enforcement and many times our people don’t sleep.’ Once we got wind of substandard or falsified medicine or unauthorized manufacturing we go after them.

We seize the products and we destroy the products. About three weeks ago we destroyed over three billion worth of adulterated medicines and foods. We also train our people on detecting and prevention using technological tools. We did that a few years ago. We used Trusca. Nigeria was the first regulatory country to do it. We are getting ready to do another.

In terms of essential medicine, there has been consistent follow up of essential medicine quality. Essential medicines include anti-malaria, antibiotics, antituberculosis and things like that. It started with a higher number but as of 2019. The rate of falsified essential medicine is about 1.3% one point three per cent of the news about 70% per cent is fake and grossly irresponsible.

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What amazes me is that the person sent a letter out using our logo. We never approve of it. It is fake news and very malicious

On NAFDAC issue with an antihypertensive drug she had this to say

DG NAFDAC: the hypertensive or ani hypertensive medicines placed on our site were not registered with NAFDAC. There was another hypertensive medicine or antihypertensive medicine that was counterfeited meaning the company locally changed the approved label. We dined the company heavily and we had a recall of the products made by the company on behalf of its foreign collaborators.

On filing a suit against the dissemination of the FAKE news she had this to say

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DG NAFDAC: yes, we intend to, we have already informed our legal department to start the process.

This person is. It considering the lives of our people. The information is maligning to anybody that has something to do with drugs including local manufacturers who are trying their very best and the pharmacists.

Most of our falsified medicines are imported and we are taking steps to address the situation from the source. Even fake imports are very, very low, it is around 17%. This publication is grossly irresponsible. The person does not have Nigeria at heart. We have the data, they don’t.

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