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LOVE IS SWEET!!! Uche Maduagwu is crazy for Waje, See touching words he wrote for her



Waje is one of Nigeria’s leading female vocalists, she has several hit records and is loved by many. So when news of her intent to quit music hit the internet, her fans went crazy. Now she has revealed further details that might have led to her choice. She says she is struggling vocally.

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In a very honest revelation, she put up a post on her IG and said she doesn’t know whether her struggle is caused by mental stress or health issues she may be facing.

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“‘I’m struggling vocally, Been struggling for a while. Don’t know if it’s mental or medical but It doesn’t change his plans for me. ?”


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I’m struggling vocally, but It doesn’t change his plans for me. 🦋

A post shared by WAJE (@officialwaje) on Apr 19, 2019 at 7:52am PDT

Not too long ago, the mother of one came out to her fans ion a video that she intended to quit music finally and she received a lot of encouragement from her friend Omawunmi and others in the industry.

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In response to her crisis, Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu who’s fond of sharing unpopular opinions reveals his true feelings about Waje.

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Uche went on his Instagram page to giver her some very serious advice about how fix her vocal issues.  took to his Instagram page to display his affection for Waje. He said that if Waje kissed him she would have no problem with her music again as his love remains the best vocal medicine.

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His post reads:

@officialwaje KISS me, and you will never struggle with your VOCALS again because my LOVE is the best vocal medicine…💋💋 Whether you call it vocal struggle or whatever, that one is not my concern, I know God has destined us to be together,🔥 all this “vocal struggle” will disappear with just one SINGLE kiss from me after wedding,

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@officialwaje omg, do you know how many times I dream of you per day?📹 Do you know how many beautiful POEM my heart compose for your per HOUR?✏ My LOVE, don’t believe what anyone says about your “vocal struggle” its not mental or medical,🚐 my sister, those BEAUTIFUL lips of yours are patiently waiting for the biggest ACTOR,🎬

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you are destined to be mine, can’t you see, even your VOCALS are doing protest,😀 are you not seeing the hand writing on the wall?✏ Baby, you need me like sweet HONEY to clear your throat.😁‘

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