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Here Are The 7 Untold Dumb Mistakes That Won’t Make Your Blog Last Long



Blogging is fun and lucrative if you toss your coins right. I’ve handled a number of failed blogs, participated in various online courses to the point that I won’t lie to you that blogging is difficult.  I can assure you these 7 fundamentals are reserved for the paid mentorship they are collecting money from you for. What I’m saying is, you’ve just got a rare privilege to access these facts freely. Because established bloggers rarely reveal their secrets.

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Now, I’ll be very brief, because the detailed analysis is in our main source of this article of about 4000 words. This is just a summary. The first major mistake that will make your blog fail is

1. Selfishness 

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I receive several whatsapp messages from people inquiring they wanna make money online and they are passionate about blogging. I reply them they won’t succeed. Hey! Even if you’ll make any dime from that mentality, Google Adsense would be your only source. The fact is that you won’t focus on spending time creating solutions to your audience’s problems because you have a problem to solve. That’s a character on its own. Character smells. Your new visitor will smell that and untrust you immediately.

Remember those guys are humans! Humans understand when you really wanna use them make money. They’ll run if they see those ads slowing down their page load-speed. I don’t say you shouldn’t use adsense. I use it. But all I’m saying is devote every possible means to let them be convinced that every of your expertise is useless without making impacts in improving their lives.

2. No Fresh Peculiarity

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Brands are known for a particular new value they offer. I won’t deceive you. If you can’t pinpoint about one specific difference you offer on bettering your specific audience’s life, there’s a high chance you quit as soon as possible. Because you’ll be frustrated. Why? Your new visitor won’t see a special offer from what your competitors who have made authority has been offering them.

3. Blogging Ain’t For You

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It’s pointless when you innately understand that you ain’t made to blog and you keep forcing yourself to. You’ll fail my brother. You can’t escape it… Except you hire other hand that are passionate – which will consequently be very expensive. You must love to write research and spend a whole on subscription and online time.

4. Laziness 

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I won’t blame anyone for this. Because all tend to be lazy at one point in time. But if you schedule your time right, you’ll toss your coins right. Knowing fully well that tree lesser the routine for marketing strategies, the lesser your conversion rate. I I’ll confess. I’m very lazy. But I’m smart. I’m a smart lazy hustler making chunks per month.  Procrastination is that poisonous fruit from Laziness that destroys your blog instestine completely

5. Poor Scheduling

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Would you permit me to type this cliché. As much as it’s cliché, the fact still remains that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” Schedule your time to suite your blogging goals per week. For instance, it’s important you do more of marketing and lesser of content publishing.

6. Lesser Concentration 

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Opening more blogs without yet a successful one will stress you out. All those blogs are most likely to fail.

7. Pride

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Feeling high that you have a blog on the society will only increase your likelihood of being more frustrated… when you realize that you are nothing yet after several months of hyping yourself the Prestige.

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