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Uncovered: Two Months After Buying 350 Million Naira Bentley, Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi’s Fake Life In Dubai Is Exposed (See Screenshot)



Drama is slowly brewing up in the world of social media. A Nigerian man has taken to social media to call out popular Malaysian-based Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi on some pretty strong charges that have since gone viral on the internet.

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Ray Hushpuppi has gradually created quite a reputation for himself as a lavish spender. If he is not in the news for rocking the latest Gucci shoes, he’s on social media showing off his new whip. Well, this time is different as he is being accused of physically assaulting a fellow Nigerian identified on Instagram as @Dharmierichie.


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Here is #Dharmierichie’s face after been pimped by gucci master , #Hushpuppi

A post shared by NAEJAHITS (@naejahits) on Apr 12, 2019 at 2:17am PDT

The young man who took to Instagram to call him out, described Hushpuppi as a man living a fake life in Dubai. @Dharmierichie went on to insinuate that Hushpuppi had beef with him over a girl he once slept with. He even accused Hushpuppi of owing over two million worth of call credit debt. Hushpuppi however, is yet to speak on the issue.

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Dharmierichie calls out Hushpuppi for physically assaulting him, says he’s living fake life in Dubai

There have been several theories regarding the possible how Hushpuppi earned his wealth. None of them was proved by any facts because only a little is known about this young billionaire. As Hushpuppi himself said, “Am a beggar by profession”. There’s no trustworthy information about this fact but, many assume this because of the amount of money he has and the lifestyle he leads.

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It’s also common for people to think that rich ones are in this or that way connected to politics and politicians. It’s often said that Hushpuppi is devoted to some Nigerian or Malaysian politician or a popular rich party but there are no proofs to any of these assumptions. The only fact remains the same: he’s got a real talent for making money wherever he gets it, and this money is really big.

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Hushpuppi is best known for the luxurious lifestyle he lives both at home and abroad. The young man has a taste for good things as he is highly fashionable. Hushpuppi reviewed that he used to be a heavy gambler. One of the most favoured ways of betting was playing online casinos in Nigeria. The pictures he shares on his social media handles show the kind of life he lives as he believes highly in living large and having fun to the fullest. He works hard for his money after all.

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We currently cannot estimate the actual net worth of Ray Hushpuppi, but people say he had a Rolls Royce, the latest Range Rover and some cars, love travelling in private jet and buying drinks worth of millions in the club, he is also a Gucci lover, he had a lot of Gucci shoes and clothes. Hushpuppi worth billions of naira.

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People still have no idea where this guy gets all the money he has and how he manages to make so much. Of course, it’s a matter of a big interest for many people and they would like to know everything about it, yet, there are no proofs to any of the existing assumptions and so they remain only empty guesses. Let’s hope he comes out soon to set the records straight on this latest accusations.

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