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APC Senator Elect Caught Red Handed With Top Politician’s Wife And Beaten To A Pulp



APC Senator Elect Caught Red Handed With Top Politician's Wife And Beaten To A Pulp
This is so wrong!!!!

APC Senator elect and Deputy Speaker Nasarawa House of Assembly, Hon Godiya Akwashiki was beaten to pulp and stripped naked in Abuja after he was caught with the wife of a top politician in Nasarawa State. He is currently in police custody in Maitama Police Station, Abuja.

There is a viral video where he is being beaten and tied up like a goat…This is so wrong!!!

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The man is beaten and stripped naked and the Lady is protected?Were they not two consenting adults?Circulating this kid of video is wrong and a crime…He is not  thief and there is no where in the Constitution where it say you should beat and disgrace someone like this for Alleged Adultery!!!

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