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5 Best Mobile Phones To Present To Your Girlfriend



5 Best Mobile Phones To Present To Your Girlfriend

Most firms produce smartphones that can suit both men and women. The quality of these phones and their design is not satisfactory, but most girls do not dream about them. They like elegant models that are made for tender women’s hands. Such smartphones are lightweight and stand out from the mass of black phones with unusual colour shades.

A modern phone performs a lot of additional functions, so its choice must be approached thoroughly. Female models also have a number of criteria by which to choose them, examples include:

Screen size
Smartphones are often used to watch videos, so the screen size should be at least 5 inches. This is inconvenient to do on smaller screens. Despite the large screen, the phone should lie comfortably in the female handle, have rounded corners of the case and lightweight.

The smartphone must have an excellent camera, at least 8 megapixels, in order for the pictures to have a good quality. The resolution of the front camera is also of great importance because with its help the girl will have to take a selfie. 5 MP is enough for a front camera. A camera with a lower resolution will not give the desired quality of images.

The design of the case often is no less important than the “stuffing” of the phone. After all, every girl wants to stand out from the gray mass, to be special and unique. If among ordinary phones you can find models of various shades, then smartphones with a color case are very rare.

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