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Port Harcourt People Have Come Again…!



Port Harcourt People Have Come Again...!

It is only in Port Harcourt you will hear shocking tales like this and sometimes  even see more shocking photos that follow the stories but we never hear anything of it again after it goes viral….

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Last time,they said a woman birthed Lizard and now a Man alighted from his car and turned into a Dog…Woof! Woof!! Woof!!!


Why is no one helping this Hungry/sick Dog?..The dog probably walked towards the car door which was open,took a sniff in to see if it could find food and as it made to leave,and one person saw it,thought otherwise and screamed ”THE OWNER OF MOTOR DON TURN TO DOG OOOOOOOOOH” and then the crowd of people with their phones and before you know it,it is viral on the internet….

Who else has another story to explain this?

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