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Sacked Janitor’ Stabs 20 Children In Beijing Rampage



Sacked Janitor' Stabs 20 Children In Beijing Rampage

A knifeman went on a terrifying rampage at a primary school in Beijing, stabbing or slashing at least 20 children who suffered wounds to the head.

The school’s headmaster told parents that the suspect is a disgruntled former worker who had been sacked, while a former colleague claimed he was a janitor.

Three students suffered serious injuries and were rushed to a nearby hospital along with the others, Chinese state media reported.

A number of pupils were in intensive care as they were treated for their injuries.

Police arrested a suspect after the horrifying attack which unfolded in the capital’s Xicheng district just after 11am local time.
Chinese state media said the attacker was armed with a knife. The school claims he was armed with a hammer.

Footage posted on social media shows angry parents demanding information from staff at the gates of the Xuanwu Normal Experimental Affiliated Number One Primary School following the attack.

There was confusion as parents gathered outside the school to get answers before the headmaster spoke to them.

Parents had been told to come to the school and pick up their children.

One parent wrote on WeChat: “The details are still not clear. They were all younger students and were stabbed by an adult.”

Social media posts said the pupils suffered head injuries.

Local police later said the three pupils most seriously hurt were in a stable condition, and none of the injuries are believed to be threatening, the South China Morning Post reported.

Police did not reveal the motive for the attack.

Violent crime is rare in China but there has been a series of knife, axe and car attacks in recent years, many targeting young children at schools.

Last week, China executed a farmer who attacked a dozen children with a knife because he wasn’t satisfied with the way his life had turned

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