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More Tales Of A Libya Returnee- Part 7



More Tales Of A Libya Returnee

More Tales Of A Libya Returnee

This is the story of a Nigerian woman who saw hell in Libya before she returned….Her true life experience in Libya will break you…OHMYGOD!!!!

I walked back to our cell stark naked, I lost the little hope I was holding unto, I refused to process what happened, everything became dark and I felt dirty and unworthy. My cellmates surrounded me and gave me cloth to wear, we sat in total silence, my heart was heavy but tears wouldn’t flow.

I became a s#x object and couldn’t fight it, the pain was too much and I had no way to express it, my cellmates kept telling me it would end, they told me their stories and for the first time, I cried in prison. We slept off with the fear of what the future has in store for us.
A faithful Sunday, they woke us up early, gave us new clothes and we made nice meal, I was told we were expecting people from IOM hence the nice treatment. IOM representatives arrived around noon, they brought lots of snacks and toiletries for us, they were told we were arrested on sea while attempting to cross to Italy. We had interactive sessions and had some fun, I collected a Jotter and Pen from them and hid it in our cell.
After Spending 2 months in prison, I noticed some changes in my body, extra pain, sore nipples and nausea, I explained this to the Commandant during one of his beastly act, he told me in Arab I shouldn’t worry about any sickness, that I was still going to die. That was when I realised we wouldn’t be deported or released, I either look for a way out or I become trapped forever.
Days turned to Nights, Nights brought its terror and pains, everything kept repeating itself until a fateful day, a cell mate daughter fell terribly sick, the prison clinic couldn’t do anything and the girl was adviced to get treatment at Tripoli Medical Centre, I convinced the Commandant to allow me go with the girl so as to run test and ascertain what was wrong with me. We were accompanied by 4 Soldier’s, I tore a page of the Jotter and hid it in my brassiers with my biro, we got to TMC and it was busy as usual.
The girl was admitted and I was followed to the lab to run some test, the Lab technician gave me a specimen cup to pee in, I entered the bathroom, brought out the Jotter wrote my roommates phone number in 3 places and included, ”Please call this number and tell her Rukayat is in Abdallah’s Prison”.
I dropped the first note in the toilet, I urinated and came back, I handed another note with the specimen to the Lab Technician and stylishly dropped one for a Cleaner while returning to the sick girls ward. I had done my best, let fate handle the rest. My test result wasn’t ready so we returned to the prison without the girl and I assured her mother that she will bounce back.
In Libya, there are Nigerians dominating the Illegal activities; human trafficking, drugs, prostitution etc, These people work together with the Police and are familiar with any Prison, my prayer was for anyone to call my roommates and I was positive the rest would be handled.
I was gradually running mad; the torture, the s#xual assault, the deaths around me was too much for me to handle, I kept praying for eternal peace since help wasn’t forthcoming. After our breakfast, the commandant sent for me, I was ready for another torture, I walked into his office and greeted him, just when I was about to undress, he told me NO, Your brother is here for you, he was all smile as he showed me 2 wards of 1000 dinars. I went back to my prison, hugged my cellmates and collected numbers of their families in Nigeria and left.
A taxi was waiting for me, I boarded and he drove me home, the taxi called someone and the door was opened, I entered and saw lots of Nigerians, my roommates had lost weight, from their faces I could tell they were crying.
Everyone kept praising God while I entered bathroom and showered, I ate, drank and wanted to tell my story, I couldn’t open my mouth at all, all I heard was Shhhhhhh and I was off to dreamland…….

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