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Tales Of A Libyan Returnee



Tales Of A Libyan Returnee

This is a Libyan returnee’ tale of how much Suffering one goes through to get to Libya and back……Narrating her experience is healing for her.
Enjoy the read!!!!

The arrest of my roommates made me sad and I informed my boss immediately, she informed her husband who went to Tajoura prison and got them out…

The bail cost them 2000 dinars,we lost all our savings and we returned to work to start saving again, dollars kept rising and we couldn’t send money to Nigeria, we kept working but the Arab boys kept stealing.
 These Arabs steal based on information fellow blacks give them, so we stopped keeping money at home. The main Jobs for females are prostitution, maid, cleaners in Hospital and schools while our men work as Painter, bricklayer, mechanic, and electricians, so we gave our cash to the men to keep for us.
Life continued as usual until I decided to take a month rest from work, I needed some rest after like 15 months as a maid and my boss kept complaining of the economy and lack of cash, My friends and I picked the same month to stay back at home, I was happy and couldn’t wait to see them all.
Our taxi came to pick me from work because we don’t pick taxi from street, 50% of them are kidnappers and are always looking for blacks to prey on.
Khalid came at about 7pm, I bade my boss goodbye and entered the taxi, we left for our house in Shargia. It wasn’t upto 20mins we left my workplace, a black tinted car blocked us, 3 guys came out and dragged Khalid out, he was slapped and beaten, I kept looking on until I was told to come out, I needed no one to tell me, they were asma boys; Nigerians worst nightmare, they kidnap, kill, steal, rape and sell blacks. The moment I saw there gun, I muttered ‘Won ti get me finally’.

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