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More Tales Of A Libyan Returnee



More Tales Of A Libya Returnee
Oh my goodness!!!…How much more ?This is horrible!!

I was in shock because I don’t remember what happened till we got to the asma boy’s den, I couldn’t cry, laugh or speak because I have heard tales of people been kidnapped and sold into prostitution or killed. I couldn’t think of anything, my phone and salary was collected, they collected my phone and insisted I unlock it, I refused to do that instantly.

Unlocking my phone means calling family and friends to raise ransom, I came from a very poor family and calling my mother to raise 500k -1 million seems selfish to me, I received beatings of my life that night and slept with pains, other ladies I saw there kept consoling me and asked me to call my family, I smiled and told them okay.
The following morning, they gave us oopza and Juice, I refused to eat and more beatings came in, one thing I learnt about Arabs is that never show fear, they kept cursing me and I returned the favour, they were surprised I speak Arab very well and this made them believe I wouldn’t call anyone, so they started considering letting me go, I spent two more weeks with them, I was beaten, tortured, bathe in Petrol, my hair was pulled, my breasts were fondled, they attempted to rape me, when I refused my stomach was stabbed, I lost consciousness and when I woke up, I found myself in a prison surrounded by beautiful black women and their children.
My stab wound was nursed in the prison hospital, and I made new friends in prisons, no phones to contact my friends or anyone in the outside world, the ladies told me we would be deported and I kept praying for the day to come, I kept a low-key in the prison to avoid been noticed, days went by, weeks went by, I was losing weight but luckily my wound wasn’t infected.
On a beautiful Friday, I was in kitchen with other ladies, we were in charge of inmates food. The boss came visiting and he kept cursing all blacks, calling us prostitutes and thieves, my heart bled and I cried and cried, I needed to get out of prison as soon as possible, I thought about my roommates, my family and friends, what do I do? How do I leave? I asked no one.
After our lunch, we washed the dishes and while returning to our cell, a soldier beckon on me to come, Shintibi? I asked him ” Commandat tibi fuck inti” he answered. Look for another girl for your boss, am not interested, I politely told him. He slapped me and dragged me to the commandant office, I was beaten, slapped, kicked and handcuffed.
I needed no one to tell me there’s no escape, the commandant tore my clothes, spit on me and forcefully had his way with me, the torture continued and the guy who dragged me to him stood there and recorded everything on his phone…….

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