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Business Ideas…………



Business Ideas......

Business Ideas…………

Let us share business Ideas and how to improve small scale businesses….

Let us share areas that particular small scales businesses have a higher prospect of bringing in more profit…….

Is it possible to start a business with N20k?Like a puff puff business?What are the things to look out for when you are purchasing such?I would never buy puff puff locked in a show glass but would prefer you fry for me as as soon as i get there…..Is this not a better option?..Some people even sell left over and re-fried puff and lose their customers and they begin to blame their enemies…

Make up artists?I hear the big time ones make a lot of money…..What qualifies one to be termed big time?
Wedding vendors?Good business,how does one start off?

Are there some businesses that are gender specific?

You can share big and small ideas and give tips to how you built yours!

Lets go!!

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